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​Interdisciplinary: Photography, Video Art, Print, Collage, Art Direction, Scenics... an endless inspirational spectrum of possibilities coming together as an artistry Kaleidoscope. Different ways to express Art, different ways to Art expression. Creativity is not limited, Creativity is a way of living. Some current projects, and some beautiful and rewarding past ones can be found in this secton; for a complete TimeLine, please visit

The Secret Garden Photography 2016 ongoing


To say “our skin is delicate as a flower” is a reality. No matter how tough someone is willing to appeal, the fact is we are all made out of the same substances underneath this velvety soft crust. Feelings and emotions are not a sign for weakness, they are wondrous ways to communicate we are alive. Beautiful and pure expressions coming together to shape a human being. In this Secret Garden, gender conceived ideas had sown a blooming series of photographs; and, as delicate as we are, growing labels, social stigmas and stereotypes have been weeded accordingly to pleasure visitors and arouse their senses. Don´t expect much retouching on the photographs either, they are as raw as life can be, so let´s just feel...

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Where mermaids are born (Donde Nacen Las Sirenas) Video Art Contemporary Dance Performance, Ongoing


An eco feminist cinematographic dance performance portraying, through the main character Coral, gender identity issues within our current society. A great collaboration and experience together with Mexican choreographer Keops Guerrero. Currently touring, so feel free to contact us!

The Romance between the Moon and the Sea Performance, Ongoing
Through an endearing moving poetry, the Sea reveals all her passion, love and jealousy to the Moon. In hazy nights, they dance, slow. Waves become a motion ritual where the Sea´s clumsy sandy feet stumble coveting the wind, arousing her into the great gale to become full of the Moon´s breath. And not only her feet get excited, the Sea´s lathery finger tips also fondle the satellite´s face, which reflected upon the aqueous mass darkness, lights up her pitch-dark solitude
You will find us in a beach near you on a Full Moon night, so connect with us within the different social media apps to know when the next performance will take place

Urban Ghosts Photography


Life in big cities make spectrums out of its citizens, we walk on a straight line not noticing our surroundings. A collection of long exposure takes. For more picture, please visit the Flickr profile, as well as the exhibition superlink

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Collage, Ongoing


Digital artwork consisting on mixing up different pieces of photographs to tell about our current and everyday living. These series of work, due to the material source, can be described as composing life by tearing apart our society

All pieces are part of Imbecil Fanzine, check it out and get your copy




Uniqbrow Photography


Series of photographs comissioned for fashion sunglasses designer Uniqbrow, having as main theme the diffrent uses a newspaper can be given to

Sundowners Social Photography, Ongoing


We collect sunsets! This is an ongoing and wonderful collaboration with Niki Noone. Feel free to join us on Sundowners' Facebook page and share those sunset moments us on

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Let Your Feet Photography, Ongoing


Keeping on track is hard sometimes, so let your feet be free to guide you to your destiny. A series of pictures taken with a HTC Sensation mobile phone for over two years during the transitional period from London to Barcelona, where I decided to move to and start life from scratch. Definitely, a collection of good hard moments. Sometimes, when earth moves and the wold around us feels like crumbling down thses stills are a good reminder to show we are standing.


Get in touch to know how to collaborate and be part of it!

Rebel Rebel Mixed Media, Ongoing

Urban interventions to get people closer, not just to Art itself, also to gather together and share the moment

Void Photography


Bed becomes empty, a void, everytime he goes away. After relationships, the matress once a place to share life, developes into a wearying, back-breacking metal mess

City Lights Photography


I have always found the London night to be just absolutely mesmerising. Sparks, colours, city lights... A colourful lighting chaos dancing like those stars in the astral firmament Londoners are anware of thanks to the polluted sky up above the metropolis. Home is where the Heart is

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